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Davis Civil Eng. work closely with private enterprises and local authorities throughout the country in the construction of a wide range of road development and civil engineering services from carriageway construction, road realignment projects and bus bay installation.

Davis Civil Eng. provide bulk excavation, haulage, installation of service ducting and drainage, kerbing and paving, road surfacing, roundabout construction, traffic management and landscaping.

Key Features

Traffic Safety and Management - Locate and identify existing Services, ESB, GAS, Eircom - Earthworks, Excavation, cut, fill and Disposal. - Gabion walls, Safety Barrier, handrails and fencing - Installation new Service Ducts, ESB and Street Lighting. Surface water drainage and road gullies - Pavement construction, new road construction, re-surfacing - Kerbing, and concrete footpath construction. Working around buried and overhead services - Road Markings and speed ramps - Topsoiling and Landscaping